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Amazing Tours of The Netherlands

Photo of Cheryl Wyma
I am Cheryl Wyma, the owner of Eurotrail. Simone Kennedy and I have collectively been offering bike tours of the Netherlands since 1998. I live in and work out of Grand rapids, MI and coordinate the North American details of the tours. Simone and I love working together and have a lot of fun. I am sure you will too on one of our tours.

Photo of James and Simone Kennedy

Our tours are led by James and Simone Kennedy. James is a NWC alumnus and dean of Utrecht University College. He also taught at University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Valparaiso University and Hope College. He has published books on modern Dutch history: the sixties, euthanasia and secularization. In addition to organizing tours through the Netherlands, Simone Kennedy is also a local politician and is intensively involved helping refugees entering the Netherlands.