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Amazing Tours of The Netherlands

Planned Itinerary -- Eurotrail NWC Bike Tour 2017

Wednesday, July 5
Departure from the U.S. airport of choice.

Thursday, July 6
Arrival in the morning at Schiphol airport. Opportunity to get cash at an ATM machine. A coach will depart around 9:00 AM to the flower auction in Aalsmeer. The coach will return around 11:30 AM to pick up other passengers and then drive us to our hotel in Amsterdam, where we will have an opportunity to take a nap. Afterwards, we will visit the Van Gogh Museum and enjoy a canal tour.

Friday, July 7
A coach will pick us up from our hotel in Amsterdam, go via Schiphol airport and bring us to Luxembourg, where we will visit a castle and stay in a hotel in Clervaux

Saturday, July 8
After taking the train from Clervaux, we start the bike tour in Troisvierges, where the rails-to-trails Vennbahn or Fen-Rail begins. We will visit the castle Burg Reuland and will stay overnight in St. Vith in Belgium (20 miles).

Sunday, July 9
After a time of worship and prayer we will bike along the Fen-Rail through the area in Belgium where the Battle of the Bulge was fought in 1944 to the picturesque German village of Monschau, where we stay overnight (28 miles).

Monday, July 10
From Monschau we will bike through dense forests and small to Aachen, the former capital of the Holy Roman Empire, where we admire the Dom Church and swim in the Roman baths of Carolus Thermen, where Charlemagne bathed (30 miles).

Tuesday, July 11
We will bike through the rolling countryside in the south of the Netherlands, visit the imposing American military cemetery of Margraten and bike over to the beautiful town of Maastricht, where we will stay two nights (26 miles).

Wednesday, July 12
We will spend the day in the Roman town of Maastricht, visiting impressive churches and the caves that were dug in the limestone of Saint Peter’s Mount some 1,000 years ago. These cave also gave protection to inhabitants during World War II. The country’s best food can be found in Maastricht.

Thursday, July 13
We will bike up the Maas river to Elsloo Castle and the Belgian town of Maaseik, staying overnight in the ancient abbey town of Thorn, with its characteristic white houses (31 miles).

Friday, July 14
We will bike over extensive heathlands and forest to Nuenen to see Vincent van Gogh's town of residence, where we will spend the night. (39 miles).

Saturday, July 15
We will bike to the town of 's Hertogenbosch with the most majestic church of the Netherlands (34 miles). A stop along the way includes notorious Concentration Camp Vught.

Sunday, July 16
After a church service (optional), we will bike via the beautiful medieval river town of Zaltbommel and watch artisan glassmakers in Leerdam before staying overnight in Vianen (42 miles).

Monday, July 17
Via winding roads along beautiful rivers we cycle to Oudewater, where we will be weighed to see if we are witches, move on (if found innocent) to the cheese capital of Gouda, where we will stay overnight (25 miles).

Tuesday, July 18
We will bike to the old town of Delft, to visit the museum where William of Orange was killed. We will end our tour at the beaches of Scheveningen and stay overnight in The Hague, where we will see the buildings of Parliament (36 miles).

Wednesday July 19
You can take the train to Schiphol airport. Trains depart from 4 AM onward.